Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Home is not where you live, but where they understand you.

My boyfriend and I are just about settled into our new condo.  Going from about 600 square feet, to about 1,300 square feet, we are much happier and now have a lot more space to be creative and relax.  While he is a fan of minimalism and mid century modern museum style interior decor,  I'm more of a fan of warm, refinished vintage, shabby chic and fine art installation style.  We met in the middle, my boyfriend is almost fully responsible for the decorative direction in the common area/kitchen (which may I add how odd it is to me that he has such great taste in interior decorating), while I'm still working on the bedroom/office areas upstairs.  Here is what we've come up with thus far.

{{exposed glassware in the kitchen}}

{{exposed dish racks}}

{{fresh cala lilies from trader joes in a vintage chrome vase}}

{{lacquer decorative urns and a skull votive from z gallerie (this is obviously my input)}}

{{plaster deer head from z gallerie}}

{{full view of the kitchen, it took me awhile to get used to the avocado green}}

{{the plexiglass bar, soon to be restocked with liquor for refreshing summer inspired cocktails}}

{{our 1960's leather lounger with ottoman and tulip side table from modern manor.}}

{{femur bone by local artist and good friend, crystal phelps, resident artist at eye lounge, check dates to view her show, "fielding forms", here. urban outfitters skull piggy bank, current reads.}}

{{thrifty skull find from Guadalupe on a chrome and glass side table from one of our favorite mid century modern shops in phoenix, retro ranch.}}

{{couch and coffee table, mid century modern standing lamp from phoenix metro retro.}}

{{full view of the common area}}

{{we like to keep local phoenix prints on the coffee table for friends to flip through}}

{{william's desk, vintage "hollywood regency" style lamp and jason hill painting}}

{{plaster stallion, another great find from modern manor}}

The bedroom is on it's way, my creative direction and inspiration is coming from Alexander Wang's New York loft, I cannot wait until it's finished.  Here is a sneak peak of a horn that I found for a mere $9.oo at a local thrift shop and hung in the bedroom as I would have hung it in a gallery space.  I just wrapped black leather rope around the horn and nailed the leather to the wall, I hope to find other horns and do the same.

all photos by tyler nevitt

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